Placate my raging fomo

We personify jealousy as the green eyed monster. What beast is gnarly enough to personify an even darker emotion? I am haunted, plagued, tortured, by the beast that is: the fear of missing out. Fomo for short. The acronym slips off the tongue far too easily to portray just how devilish this emotion can be. … Continue reading Placate my raging fomo


Review: Patagonia R4 Yulex wetsuit

The North Sea gets a little chilly, so a good wetsuit is essential to make the most of our beautiful, but freezing, winter swells. Last winter I made the rookie error of trying to scrimp on a wetsuit - I ended up surfing the whole thing in a 5/4 comp suit without an attached hood. … Continue reading Review: Patagonia R4 Yulex wetsuit